Layer Breeds

Selecting the right breed of chicken to produce the type, style, and quantity of eggs that you’re looking for can be a bit of an adventure!  Whether you’re new to the joys of harvesting eggs or are a pro looking to explore new options, there’s always something new you can learn or try on your own.

While there are 3 common types of chicken (pure breeds, hybrids, and bantams), I’m going to share from my opinion some of the best breeds based on my experience.  For many of these, they’re not only good egg producers they’re also super friendly!

Pick for production.  Choose for egg color and size.  Perhaps a hybrid breeze that is a capable egg producer as well as meat birds.

Top Egg Layer Chicken Breeds:

australorpesAustralorpes - great layers.  A larger breed, it’s actually available in 5 colors, though black is by far the most common.





easter eggerEaster Eggers (blue or green, sometimes olive) – Very popular layers.  We’ve had a lot of these over the years.  They often produce blue, green, or even pink eggs.




cream legbarcream legbar  - If you’re craving large, rich, striking blue eggs, the cream legbar is a great option.  These are popular for sale and can command a premium for their rich color.






maransMarans – a little harder to find, but totally worth it.

marans eggsDid someone say dark brown chocolate colored eggs?  They’re not just for Hollywood actresses…

sussexsussexWhen I think of the prototypical egg laying chicken, one of the variety of sussex are what come to mind.  Large in size and lay a light brown egg.  Ours are super friendly too.  Speckle Sussex are the most common.


ameraucanaAmeraucana - True Ame lay blue eggs.  They’re beautiful birds, though be careful as many hatcheries or feed stores pass of easter eggers as Ameraucana’s.




wyandottWyandotteThese are among my sons favorite birds.  They’re friendly, large, and produce full sized beautiful brown eggs.




golden cometGolden CometsGreat brown egg layer birds.  They’re pretty too, and relatively easy to find and good at foraging.






cinammon queen chickenCinnamon Queen / golden comet – Pretty birds, an offshoot of the golden comet variety.  We’ve ordered ours from Cacle Hatchery and they’re cute, playful, and good layers.



california white
marins (dark brown egg)
Austra White
Rhode Island Reds
Barred Rocks
Plymouth Rock

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